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October 2005


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love your lists. can't wait to do mine. and we gonna fight over jamile!

Yay! So many thing to comment on here. Let's see you and Alli need to shoot pool together. Ah, should have included drive a stick on my can't do list and skate (I think I still can) on my can do list. I was going to include Guurrlll on my list too. Can't get with Will but I'll have to check the dancing guy. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the tag but I think I did it a while back.Ilike your list though Ilike that Adebisi fella too.

My bad, Amelia. Glad you share my appreciation for Adwale's beauty. ;)

I semi-tagged you, but before I linked you for it, something told me to check your site for updates. The blog meme is not only contagious, but convienent. Looks like you bit the bullet too. Interesting stuff here.

ok, well, for those who care i did mine. it's pretty stale since i don't really know how to do anything spectacular. but in the words of quel, " it was fun though"...

I am so excited to be tagged. This is my first time. I'll give it a thought. You know that Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaj is on Lost now, right? I don't watch it but might start since he's so hot.

Ok, I tried to avoid looking at my name as #7 on your list of people you're tagging. lol, but I guess I'll do it. =)

Nice list!

Adewale could definitely get it.

In the words of Berry...

Thanks for playing! (Even those of you who "played" early).

This was fun! I learned some new things about my in-person friends as well as my new blog buddies.

You guys ROCK!

Quel, I actually stole "thanks for playing" from KB...can't take credit for it. LOL!

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