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October 2005


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just about anything i touch with one hand i have to touch with the other and i am a freak about locking doors. when i was younger, i would go in a store and my mom would stay in the car and i would lock my door, she was like what's with you and the locks and i'm still in the car???? maybe these are more obsessive compulsive than idiosyncratic...

OK, my first time here and I feel like I'm at McDonalds because "I'm loving it!" LOL We must talk books...I see some on your page worth discussing. I'll be back!

I have to count all the steps on stairs. Whether it's 3 steps, or 25 steps. I have to count them. I don't know why, but they need to be counted.

Thanks for stopping by my crib.

Revolving doors -- For a while I hated pushing revolving doors so I would wait for the person in front or the next person to push and I'd go along for the ride. I've gotten over that now.

BTW I saw the Icarus girl reviewed in a magazine this summer and then saw it on your list so now my book club is reading it for our next book. tks for the recommendation :-).

Nice spot you have here! Ok, I do the same thing as Jez Chill. I just realized today too that I count steps. What a weird thing.

You are the FIRST person to mention that my blog title reminds you of Lauryn Hill's "Ex Factor." That's definitely where I got it from, but no one seems to have noticed after all these years. =)

1st time here!!! Thanks for checking me out!!!

Nice spot....i'll be back!!!

I can't sleep if the closet door is open. I think that started when I was a kid and thought the boogie man was in there.

Well, I've made it no secret my spider phobia. I look too. The worse thing is having one drop down into your lap while you are driving. I had that happen and it wasnt funny.

oh goodness, a spider crawled down from my car window while i was driving my son to his sitter and, well, i totaled my car and the guy's i crashed into...

I'm not in love with spiders either, I can't lie.

I love the way you're pulling from your 100 list. Awesome.

To Berry and Princessdominique- I feel the love y'all!

TO Jez Chill-That's a trip.

TO Edwige-I hate revolving doors. I always feel like I'm gonna trip of mess up the rotation or something. Enjoy the Icarus Girl! I been slackin' on my reading. Gotta catch up.

To Cymple- Girl, game recognize game. I really don't know what that means, but I always wanted to say that. You have to be a real Lauryn fan to have her lyrics on the brain like that. There are a few of us out here, girl.

To Afrochelle-I'm the same way. Finally, my closet isn't in my room, so I'm free.

To Terri & Buck-Y'all took it to a whole nother level.

To HumanityCritic-Honored you stopped by...congrats on winning nearly ALL the Black Blog Awards. You deserved every one.

To Dee-Holla back, girl!

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