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July 2005


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Great article

Hi My name is Steve Maitland
I am a lead guitarist, I would like to share something exciting with you,
Over the last 15 years I have been trying to sing,my freinds said I sound like a cat dragged by its tail,a music teacher simon Jones said I was tone deaf, All this has changed when, I found a course online by a guy by the name of Brett Manning,Brett is a music teacher to the stars.

He says on his website anyone can sing they just dont know how, he explains,everbody is born with vocal chords and ears,and that his system works.
After reading all of the testimonials I decided to give his course a try, After five days the course arived I was amazed to find 16 DVDs and manuals, After the fist month I was amazed with the improvent in my voice,I have now been practicing for two months my voice is sounding great,the guys in my band have now let me sing my first song with confidence.
This is amazing, I have not even got to disk 7, I think you will agree there is a lot of rubish on the market ,but this guy really does know how to teach vocals, check him out on the link below.http://www.singingsuccess.com/cmd.php?af=1011953

Best Regards

Steve Guitarist

No such thing as a 'fake jam' unless you are playing the air guitar. Just sayin' ;)

I want to learn to sing too... I thank you for recommending this... Im going to take a look at it to see whats it about... don´t take no from your band... thats cool

Hi Jim Greene,An concept I've had sucsces with setting smaller and more concrete (chunkable) and achievable goals just think small one little lick or passage to conquer ..since I know my practice time will inevitably get reduced by things that always seem to happen beyond my control, instead of trying to mentally carve out an hour or more each day to work on learning a whole bunch of stuff .I break up my approach, and just focus on one small tiny piece ..something I can practice whenever I get the chance, five minutes here, 10 minutes there .and stay focused on that one little piece .and make sure I get it down before moving on .in the end it seems I am able to aquire more useable skills doing it this way than maybe sitting for a whole hour and getting distracted by a hundred licks I think I want to learn .just always have that one little small thing at a time you are working on ..saves a lot of frustration knowing that you are still progressing even if you only have 5 minutes here or ten minutes there to practice .hope this helps.Tom

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